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· World Illustration Awards 2023, Longlisted

· JIA Japanese Illustration Award 2023, Bronze Award

· Hsin-yi Picture Book Award 2023, Nominated

· Ijungle Illustration 2023, Merit in Book Catalogue
· Ijungle Illustration 2023, Merit in Editorial Illustration Catalogue

· Communication Arts 2024 Illustration, Shortlisted


The Tree House Inn (2023)  with The Dolphin Media 

Let's See the Stars  (2022) with  Fujian Children's Publishing House

Instagram:   vencho_wang


My name is Vencho. I graduated from the Children's Picture Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Currently, I work as a full-time picture book illustrator in London, and I’m specializing in  watercolor painting. My favorite tool is a self-sharpened chopstick that I use to draw all the outlines.

After completing my Master's degree, I embarked on a journey to discover a creative process that truly suits me. One area in which I excel is revisiting and refining my work. While I may not achieve brilliance in a single attempt, I possess a keen ability to identify and address the flaws in my pieces. Through repetition and practice, I am constantly striving for improvement. Furthermore, I have realized that my productivity is greatly enhanced by working alongside others in a co-working space, rather than confining myself to my home or studio. Despite the need to carry a considerable amount of drawing materials during my daily commute, the advantages far outweigh any inconvenience.

I am immensely grateful for the friends and tutors I have encountered in the UK who have provided invaluable advice, helping me develop a drawing and working style that better suits me.


Vencho Wang is a full-time picture book illustrator and author based in London, originally from China. After completing her studies at The Cambridge School of Art, she honed her focus on picture books and developed a specialization in watercolor painting. Vencho's favorite tool is a self-sharpened chopstick, which she uses for drawing all the outlines. She is on the long list for WIA awards and won an award from the Japan Illustrator Society.

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