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Project 1: The Erosion of Media Integrity
Profit Over Truth in Modern Journalism

Readers become indifferent to fake news. They think that the content of the news are not relevant to them and therefore choose to ignore it. However, their consent to the fake news had made themselves to be new fake makers. Such phenomena become a strange accepted manner over time.

In order to illustrate the idea, I have drawn four sets of pictures reflecting the theme of public participation in making fake news.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.00.31.png

1. Every piece of news on

the newspaper or webside

was carefully designed and

edited by the maker.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.00.47.png

2. The public enjoy reading gossip, so the media

switches its focus to such unimportant things,

making some small things that are not news

eventually become hot news.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.00.57.png
截屏2020-10-31 下午11.01.07.png

3. What is advertised and what is shot on

location are often very different.But

no one dvisputes the AD itself when it

arrives at the actual location.

4. Some of the news has been deliberately

processed. The audience is just like

Schrödinger's cat, who can never know to

what extent the news are true.

Project 2 : Victims of the City

The development brought about by urbanization is not all favorable. The security check of the Beijing subway is a very typical example. The body checks and X-ray inspection of personal belonging are considered as an intrusion of privacy by many people. Yet everyone chooses to accept the practice and enter the subway silently because they know that it is for the greater goods. Nevertheless, such an incident does not end within the subway station. There are also numerous security cameras guarding each and every corner of the city 24/7. Ordinary people always need to compromise in order to receive the opportunities brought by big cities, which is also the theme I want to express: the sacrifices of ordinary people under the gorgeous outlook of urban development.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.03.39.png

1 Fmale-only apartment set

up with 24-hour monitoring

camera for security purpose.

This kind of protection is just

another form of violation.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.03.50.png

2. When the city develops to a certain stage, it will require social citizens with higher quality. The easiest way to make it happen is to drive out outsiders with various draconian policies.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.03.44.png

3. Illegal immigration. In order to get a chance to

live and work in a big city, people tolerate to

be transported like goods.

截屏2020-10-31 下午11.03.55.png

4. In the development of urbanization, the

interests of the majority are often sacrificed to

support a small number of privileged classes.

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